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Blind Cleaning and Repairs Fact Sheet
To maintain the standard and effectiveness of the window coverings over an extended period there are 3 items that need to be attended to:

  1. Cleaning.
  2. Repairs and maintenance.
  3. Window Coverings Replacement

Cleaning– window coverings are often just left to gather dust and grime for years. The deterioration in fabrics and in the appearance detracts from the home environment, cleanliness and sanitary aspects. In cases where insects such as flies are prevalent then the staining from fly excrement is particularly unhealthy. Mould build up in damp homes is also a big concern.  Coverings  should be cleaned on a yearly cycle for Residential homes and every 2 years in a Commercial office environment.

Repairs and Maintenance – these items when not attended to, accelerate the deterioration of your window coverings. In a household the frequent operation of the blinds will lead eventually to issues with components. The early identification of repairs will keep blinds in a good working order for longer. It is important that these items be identified as blind types, style and componentry do go out of manufacture.
For blinds that are less than 10 years old, parts are generally available and can keep the operation of the blinds in excellent working order.

Cleaning & Blinds Services

Replacement items – through planned replacement of obsolete window coverings the overall cost of replacement can be managed and minimised due to the use of a single supplier and the preplanning for replacement.  This will ensure that only those window coverings that need to be replaced are ordered. Blink n Clean can quote on replacements also.
There is a wide range of suppliers and pricing in the market.

Obsolescence will happen as blind manufacturers change the blind structures. This is expected after 10 years.

Our Service:
Blink n Clean offers a comprehensive cleaning and repair service.
We directly clean on site; Venetians, Roller and Wooden blinds.
Before removing coverings we will, with no obligation, check for any repairs, maintenance and replacements.

Cleaning Venetian Blinds

Standard venetian blinds are either Aluminum Slats or can be Composite/pvc.
These blinds are taken down from their brackets, washed and scrubbed with eco-friendly soap suds. The head rail, all slats, front and back are cleaned.
Blinds that are left for years before cleaning properly, accumulate fly and insect deposits, dust and grime especially in kitchen areas, where grease will damage the blind very quickly.

As the blind gets older past 5 years any soiling on the blind will start to leave permanent marks that cannot be cleaned – painted will come off the metal slats.
The ladders and cords become brittle and fray leading to the blind not operating as it should.  This causes more force to be used and for tilters, wands and brackets to fail.

So the regular cleaning of blinds leads to an increased useful life and maintains to the best possible advantage the look and operational quality of the blind.
Any issues with the blind operation are noted and advised to the owner.

Onsite Requirements:

  1. Outside Tap with standard connectors for hose to enable water to Van
  2. Parking in close proximity to the property for a 3.5 metre Van. (Height is also 2.4m)
  3. The Onsite service relies on the Van being easily accessible and close to the site.
  4. Blinds that are over 3 meters high require extension ladders and is a 2 person job. Possibly even the need for scaffolding both will incur additional costs.
  5. Architecturally designed homes need to be quoted separately as often have unique blind combinations of height and length that require more resources.

Cleaning Roller Blinds (Commercial)

There are now many types of Roller blinds with Sun filters, block outs and Thermals.

The onsite process can be applied to all except those with Thermal backing.
This material cannot be cleaned on site and we recommend it be cleaned by one of the specific laundries who deal with this fabric correctly to get the best results.

All other Roller Blinds clean up brilliantly with the onsite cleaning process.

Note: Sun filter and block out Roller  Blinds cover the same window space and attachment bracket. This counts as 2 roller blinds for the purposes of pricing.  It is very useful with Roller Blinds to have a photo taken and sent to us so that this can be identified. The Blind count is critical to pricing and time that will be taken to complete a job.

As it is a material, bacteria and other germs accumulate and are unseen.
They are dried and rehung on site, same day

Onsite Requirements:

  1. Water and Power supply
  2. Parking in close proximity to the property for  cleaning Truck
  3. Blinds over  2.5 meters in length cannot be cleaned on site.
  4. Blinds that are over 3 meters high or stairwells requiring extension ladders will mean it is a 2 person job. The site needs to be assessed for Health and Safety reasons prior to the  commencement of the job.

Cleaning Wooden Blinds

True wooden blinds (normally Cedar) need to be treated very carefully. They are soft washed and dried.

Where required they are also re-oiled at the request of the owner. We use top quality Dyden oils.

Common repairs for Venetians – the age and make of blind will determine of parts are available. 

  • Tilters
  • Wands
  • Cord-locks
  • Slat movement
  • Venetian cord replaced.
  • Broken Brackets

Common repairs for Rollers

  • Control ends and chain – these are the operational controls that wear out and are specific to make, model and age of blind
  • Stoppers control the drop of the blind
  • Broken Brackets – if parts available
  • Adjustment of  fabric tracking (how it rolls up and how far down it comes)

Identifying Job Scope

Correct number of blinds – need to be counted and advised – the number determines how long a job will take and price. A photo of 1 of the blinds is very useful.

Type of blinds and brand;eg: Venetian, Rollers, Wooden, Plastic.

Client notes  – repairs or items that they especially want attended to.(Won’t pull up evenly, wand  or chain broken)

Condition of blinds

  1. Blinds in Bad condition will exhibit the following:
    • Mould – if engrained possibly cannot be removed or needs to be taken to our laundry. This incurs additional charges and will be away from property for 2 days.
    • Sun Bleached – material has deteriorated due to age and this cannot be fixed and ultimately will need to be replaced. They can be cleaned but we need to ensure the client is aware of the issue as cleaning will not rejuvenate the material that is damaged.

Photos are a very good way to show what a specific problem might be and for this to be sent to Blink n Clean from phone.

If a quote is required on a residential site then this will incur a Travel Charge. Our objective is to have sufficient information as above for the job to be priced and to attend and complete the job with a minimum of variation from the job specification.

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Blink n Clean Blinds is based on the North Shore and services all of the Auckland district. We’re available for bookings Monday through Saturday.

The vehicles are specifically appointed to be able to hang venetian, wooden, verticals and roller blinds. This service is proven with rave reviews about the service and convenience. Our trucks have water tanks on board allowing us to continue on site cleaning with our own on-board water supply and provide the same high quality results. Ready and reliable despite water restrictions.

This business allows the Technician to focus on service delivery and ensure a top quality job is delivered. Blink n Clean Blinds is a service that comes to you using cleaning processes that sanitize and clean your blinds to perfection. Our focus is on providing a high quality convenient on site service and meeting the convenience requirements of our customers.

We clean Venetians, Roller Blinds, Wooden Blinds and Verticals through utilising the van or taking the blinds back to the laundry when the Van is unable to complete.

In addition new replacement blinds are also available in Venetian, Roller and Vertical configurations – Blink n Blinds can easily provide a competitive quote for your consideration.

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