Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

Our pricing is fixed price per blind cleaned, this is determined by type of blind and process requested

Is the price different based on size?

Yes small blinds cost less than larger blinds.

How long will it take?

This is advised based on the time estimate for the number of blinds. A standard Residential home of 10 Venetians or Roller Blinds will take 2 hours.

Do I need to be at the house?

This is preferable as it protects both the owner and our staff.

Will repairs be done in the same trip?

If the repair is correctly identified and parts are available for the blind type/brand then it can be completed. In most cases the cleaning of the blinds will identify the exact nature of the repair and then a separate job will be quoted for completion of the repairs.

Is my Roller Blind a Thermal blind?

You can tell it is thermal if the backing is spongy as this is the backing put onto the normal Roller Blind cloth.

How do we pay?

Eftpos or Direct Credit

Are the chemicals safe?

We use a natural bio-degradable solution

What happens if we damage blind?

The likely hood of this is slight, but we take responsibility for putting back to the condition they were in. This issue mainly arises with old blinds and brackets. We will advise if an issue and get client consent to proceed if needed.

About Us &

What We Do

Blink n Clean Blinds is based on the North Shore and services all of the Auckland district. We’re available for bookings Monday through Saturday.

The vehicles are specifically appointed to be able to hang venetian, wooden, verticals and roller blinds. This service is proven with rave reviews about the service and convenience. Our trucks have water tanks on board allowing us to continue on site cleaning with our own on-board water supply and provide the same high quality results. Ready and reliable despite water restrictions.

This business allows the Technician to focus on service delivery and ensure a top quality job is delivered. Blink n Clean Blinds is a service that comes to you using cleaning processes that sanitize and clean your blinds to perfection. Our focus is on providing a high quality convenient on site service and meeting the convenience requirements of our customers.

We clean Venetians, Roller Blinds, Wooden Blinds and Verticals through utilising the van or taking the blinds back to the laundry when the Van is unable to complete.

In addition new replacement blinds are also available in Venetian, Roller and Vertical configurations – Blink n Blinds can easily provide a competitive quote for your consideration.

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We provide Venetian Blind
Cleaning services.

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We provide Roller Blind
Cleaning services.

Wooden Blind

We provide Wooden Blind
Cleaning services.

Vertical Blind

We provide Vertical Blind
Cleaning services.

Motorised Blind

We provide Motorised Blind
Cleaning services.

General Blind

We provide General Blind
Repairs services.

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New Blinds

We provide Replacement &
New Blinds services.

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10% Everyday Discount.
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